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'Consume what is really needed’---Save the Earth. It is important to be honest with...

Words from our Directors's
Mr S R Joshi
Mr V R Joshi

'Consume what is really needed’---Save the Earth.

 It is important to be honest with yourself. Try to rationalize/justify every word you are going to utter first with yourself honestly and impartially.

First deserve and then desire:
Be introspective; Ask yourself, “Do we deserve for what we desire?” If no, first decide what is required to deserve. Make time plan for the required efforts. Work in right direction. Your desire will be fulfilled.

Never give advice when not asked for.

Balance in life is very important. You have to allocate time for your career, family, society, and nation and for human race. Never forget to reserve some time for only yourself.

“No Human being can live without oxygen.
That does not mean he lives for oxygen.
Business cannot be done without money.
But that does not mean Business is done for money.”

Director Says: 

1.       “In any communication intent for communication is very important. Hence always observe your intent is communicated through content of the communication.” 

2.       There should be clarity in thought and action.                                         

 Actions should be proactive.

3.       Life is a gift – Live it, enjoys it, celebrate it, and fulfill it. 

 4.      Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

5.    Confidence comes with success. But success only comes to those who are confident.